We’ve had an abundance of rad swag come through the doors at Attitude HQ this week, from the likes of Californian heavy-weights Famous Stars & Straps to the British backpack kings of cool Mi-Pac, we’ve most definitely got you covered for the remainder of the summer, check out some of our top picks below!


Mi-Pac are the leaders in badass accessories, having recently won the Drapers 2014 Accessory award, the brand is hitting new levels of exposure, seen in the likes of Shortlist & Glamour magazine and placing their feet firmly on the ground in the streetwear circles by sponsoring the renowned Bright tradeshow in Berlin, it’s all on the up for Mi-Pac, but we’re happy to say they haven’t changed their staple style and core values of creativity and individualism.



 Taking influence from current street-trends, the “Custom Bandana” backpack is a super on trend design. Not forgetting the classics, Mi-Pac have re-invited star prints by donning an all over print navy “All Star” backpack.




Bang on the grunge trend, the “Premium Denim Dye” backpack is definitely one for our 90s loving ladies, tie-dye is most definitely back and in a pretty pure we’re sure this one will fly out at Attitude.





Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 00.19.37

Famous Stars & Straps are a brand that need no introduction, founded by Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, it’s the epitome of underground, tattoo & rock lead streetwear. Consistently raising the bar for Californian menswear, the “Famous Family” now boasts more rockstars and rappers than any kind of festival put together. The Fall 2014 collection has exclusively hit Attitude HQ and we’re beyond stoked with it’s timeless and quintessential FSAS feel.


We’re loving this classic “Single Alpine” snapback, with a simple font and a statement “Famous” on
the front, it’s a piece that speaks volume without having to be brash. Reppin’ this will mean you’re reppin’ FSAS hard, and there’s nothing more legit.





The “Wrench” shirt is another classic item from the new range, in dark blue denim it’s perfect for greasers and gangsters alike. We’re obsessed with the understated logo placement, making it a super cool and versatile shirt. Wear it open for the Summer months and buttoned up to the chin in Winter.



Of course it wouldn’t be FSAS without a nod to tattooing, the “Flipped Skull” tee reminds us of some early Suicidal Tendencies merch. Nothing beats a good skull, pick it up oversized for that Californian look and it’ll never go out of fashion.



New Breed Girl are the go to for bright and ballzy garms, founded in California it’s for the unforgettable and unique girl who prides herself on quirkiness and not bowing down to others. In a sea of black New Breed Girl are the splash of colour that turn heads and kick ass. With everything being manufactured in the USA, it’s not just another LA brand but a way of life. Check out some of the newness from their Fall ’14 collection that’s just hit our UK shores.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 00.32.09






We’re sure we’re not alone in saying…MERMAIDS FREAKIN’ RULE. So the “Mermaid Shells” tank
literally took our breath away, the super cute mint green makes it a playful take on a rather cheeky top. And after all, we did always want to be Ariel…







The “Daisy Pasties” tank is keeping the theme of cutesy wildness, looking like a classic 90s grunge top the cartoon daisy prints are super on trend.





Showing that they’re not all colourful and kookie, New Breed offer up some darkness with their “Snake Bite” tank, honing on the occult trend this ouija board print offers a pretty great life memo in the ways of whiskey and snakes…maybe not one to wear at lunch with grandma, though.