Last Friday Attitude Clothing managed to hook up (…NOT like that) with the legendary L.A. glam rockers Steel Panther, following their 10 date UK tour – which included an absolutely wild sold-out show at Brixton Academy, we managed to nab the Panthers on their final day in grey & rainy London, right before they headed off to play another 25 kickass shows around the USA.

Michael & Stixx sat down with us to have a little chat about all the kinds of things that you’d expect Steel Panther would want to talk about; fashion, heavy metal, getting wasted & chicks. The dudes explained what makes the Panther style, how important it is to stand out from the crowd when playing rockin’ a show & who the biggest Diva is in the band…the answer to that one was pretty obvious before we’d even asked.

“All You Can Eat” is available in the UK NOW