Ladies, did you know that we not only stock a tonne of awesome apparel & footwear – but enough makeup & hair products to beautify a heavy metal army!? Attitude are all about the full package, and no look is complete with a healthy dose of a wild hair colour or stand out lipstick.
To help you get that perfect Attitude style, we’ve decided to give you our top beauty tips to make sure you’re done up to the nines, all the time!
This week we’re looking at our New York favourites – MANIC PANIC. Established in 1977 Manic Panic our one of the leaders in insane beauty products, starting with bold hair colours they have only recently stretched their colourful claws to makeup.
Created by sisters Tish & Snooky, who were singers in the original Blondie lineup (talk about some serious heritage right there?!) the NYC duo were in love with all things rock’n’roll and so started a new venture to, not only fund, but support the ever growing punk rock scene that was emerging.
Manic Panic are a TRUE lifestyle brand for the bright, bold & bodacious so of course Attitude have been reppin’ the sisters since day one.
We’re OBSESSED with their new lip gloss range – titled the “Lethal Lips Cross Gloss” with a gothic style cross handle, there is absolutely no need for lip gloss to be boring! The new range undeniably everything Attitude represents – coming in the blackest of black titles “Raven”, a delectably dark red and a wild purple, it’s the must have for any pastel goth babe or retro loving chica.
lethal-lips-cross-gloss-p10769-4407_image lethal-lips-cross-gloss-p10770-4408_image

The lipsticks are not to be forgotten either, packed in a rock’n’roll diamante fashion with a bold effect formula that means all day staying power and a more matte finish than the high shine lipglosses. Aptly titled “Mystic Heather” a slightly more wearable day to day pinky/purple than the intense “Underworld Amythest” lipgloss, and “Black Rose” that PERFECT dark blood red which will easily dress up any casual look.



And of course, we couldn’t leave out Manic Panics biggest area of expertise, hair colour! Vamp up your Summer do with the “Pretty Flamingo” semi-permanent hair day for that seriously sunshine loving look, pink doesn’t HAVE to be girly…rock it pastel goth or rep it rockabilly!

For something a little more understated, why not give the “Virgin Snow” shade a go? A grey that has just a hint of purple in it, team it with a blue such as “Atomic Turquoise” for that toned down but unique hair colour any girl would kill for.
We all know hair dye isn’t just for girls, right? Dudes you can totally rock some insane colours too! Check out this rad mohawk for inspiration…awesome for festivals & the hotter months of the year. Stick some “Electric Lizard” and rock an unmissable do!