From the sunny streets of Huntington Beach, California, Sullen are not just a clothing brand but a lifestyle community, integrating a variety of sub-cultures into one creative force to be reckoned with. Representing a huge number of artists from all around the globe, including over 16 renowned tattooists, Sullen have created an unstoppable art-driven monster. With fingers in a multitude of pies and an appreciation of variety including extreme sports, punk rock, surfboarding, hip hop and graffiti, Sullen bring together an array of different communities to celebrate one thing and one thing alone – art.

Inviting artists to their Californian headquarters to paint, draw, or graffiti up their collaborative clothing designs, Sullen recognises their artists not only through the apparel they help them to create, but their constant support of the scene. They represent a community for the artistic and culturally aware, and inspired by youth-lead fashion and old school morals, their West Coast lifestyle breeds what they call “Sullen True Art.” We’ve grabbed a few firm favourites from the A/W ’14 collection to best showcase what these art-loving Cali heavyweights are all about.




Rosary Burnount Tank £28.99                 Mullins Badge Top £33.99                             Spinning Webs Slit Tee £29.99

We’re LOVING these traditional tattoo inspired women’s tops, the Catholic Rosary tank on a burnout print would sit perfectly under a leather jacket to channel that true LA motorcycle look, layer it up or keep it simple for the remainder of the summer days with cute denim hot pants & boots. The Mullins Badge top is a never go out-of-style, old school must have! Skulls & roses are THE perfect combo, and the lacy shoulders give an updated and modern twist on a classic Americana design to channel those Cali streetwear vibes. Sullen are recognized for their chola inspired designs and this slashed tee with a tattooed Mexican Mama sat behind a traditional prison tattoo web on the front is a true classic – SULLEN POR VIDA <3

illuminati-raglan-p11594-5997_zoom sullen-clothing-spinning-webs-hoody-p11596-6002_zoom conklin-roses-t-shirt-p11592-5993_medium

Illuminati Raglan £26.99
                          Spinning Web Hoody £54.99                           Conklin Roses Tee £21.99

Sullen do menswear better than most, making tees, hoodies and raglans that wouldn’t look amiss on the mean streets of Compton or at one of the best tattoo studios in the world. The Illuminati Raglan takes influence from the current occult trend with an Illuminati eye triangle placed upon a typical Sullen skull. Raglan baseball tees are a must have for the winter months & look great on guys OR girls. A staple design in the A/W’14 collection, the Spinning Web Hoody sees this chola mamacita placed on the back of a hoody to patch it up MC style. The Conklin Roses tee designed by Damon Conklin, is a true representation of what Sullen is all about, taking a rad piece of custom drawn artwork and placing it on a badass T-shirt. Skulls & roses don’t just have to be for the ladies, you know!