Yesterday was World Goth Day…and although this is pretty much every day for us here at Attitude HQ, we thought we’d take it as a little opportunity to showcase some of our favourite goth looks and give you a little guide on how to get the look.
So sit back & enjoy our Top 4 Goths Of All Time…

1. Wednesday Addams 








If we ever had a kid…we would hope she’d be even half as morbidly great as Wednesday Adams. What was that quote we loved? Oh yes…”I Hate Everything.” So ladies, plait your hair, stick on our “Wednesday Dress” by Disturbia, and finish the look off with our “Goblin” Mary Jane’s by Demonia. Take a leaf out of Wednesday’s book…Stop thinking about boys & start thinking about homicide.

DST207_01-l2rn DMN194_01-p7g4








2. Marilyn Manson










The one & only. The Anti-Christ Superstar. Need we say more? We think not. Stick on your black lipstick from Star Gazer & rock the KillStar “Studded Leather Jacket” to get that God Of F*cK look.










3. Nancy from The Craft







Our teenage idol & whole reason we started wearing pentagram necklaces….Nancy from The Craft will always be the coolest witch to walk the planet. And we’ve got the perfect outfit for you to channel your inner weirdo….her statement studded choker and an incredible lace & leather jacket from Lip Service 










4. Robert Smith










The original! Robert Smith is not only the founding father of The Cure, but an idol and legend in the goth community. Recognised for his insane back-combed hair and wild makeup, if you want to know anything about original goth culture…you better read up on Robert Smith. Always wearing over sized baggy ripped jumpers & silver necklaces, we’ve teamed the KillStar “Hexagram” knit with an Alchemy necklace for the ultimate understated goth look. 

TKS290_01-th5c ALC606_01-7283