One of the most exciting brands of the moment is Restyle, a Polish company that is championing the return of traditional gothic clothing. Their line is exquisitely dark, with intricate detail and opulent fabrics, from the clothing to the accessories, you’re going to have a hard time picking your favourite pieces, so we’re here to help!

Whether you’re looking for statement dresses, classic lolita style skirts or stunning gothic accessories, the Restyle clothing range combines everything you love about traditional gothic style with contemporary design elements.

Our top picks


This Restyle Velvet Prom Dress is one of our favourites from the Restyle collection. With a velvet top and layered full skirt, this traditional gothic dress is truly bewitching.


We’re in love with these Restyle Purple Branches Ombre Leggings,the all over print is perfect for those looking to make a statement, even on those casual days!


Finally we have the classic Restyle Crows & Lanterns Gothic Lolita Skirt. With baroque swirls, lanterns and crows, this is a truly spectacular addition to any gothic wardrobe and looks incredible when paired with a petticoat.

Skull, pentagrams and crosses, oh my!

Finish off any gothic outfit with these stand out Restyle Accessories.

Untitled design (1)1.Restyle Magic Spells Handbag

2.Restyle Brand Pentagram Earrings

3.Restyle Black Crown Hair Clip

4.Restyle Red Rose Choker